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  Web and application interfaces
Overview of Deliverables for Everest


A "funeral concierge" offering personalized funeral planning and price negotiation services.

The Challenge

To communicate services simply and tactfully, so that audiences will readily understand offerings and potential cost savings for one of the largest expenses in life.

Creative Brief
Stating details of the project for the team to quickly orient themselves as well as to validate thinking with the client.

Three representative members of the user audience for us to better identify with needs and probable behavior.

Experience Maps
Following a user through an experience with the site in detail; a tool for us to relate to the experience, and to better identify strengths and opportunities for features in the new site.

View the design on the live site

Pickin chicken search screen

Pickin' Chicken

An iPhone app for chicken enthusiasts of all kinds! The app presents well organized information about different chicken breeds, based on the needs and wants of the user.

The Design
The design was kicked off by a small acrylic painting of mine that the client liked. As we got to know each other, many concepts were explored until we finally found what we all felt was right – as a project team. Light hearted characters illustrate facts and concepts, such as egg color, behavior, size, and so on. The end result is a pleasing and useful app!

goofy rooster marble imageSee the painting

Pickin Chicken app screen   another pickin chicken app acreen

Government Site

An intranet site refresh for a very dated site; the approach here was to take the existing color palette and visuals — and put an energizing, possibly unexpected, twist on them to engage viewers into exploring the newly created site that greatly improves access to information.

The design was created to work in SharePoint 2010.

Icons for crash testing

Crash Test Labs

Visiting the client site I met many dedicated individuals working very hard to accomplish critical testing functions. Starting with a cumbersome UNIX based interface (that was clearly a labor of love) we re-designed the tools to function in a web based environment.

The Solution
I created a modular design that allowed the people who were going to build the interface to work flexibly for changes that took place and for future growth.

A Herd of Icons
Having toured the facility and understanding processes, I was able to update the multitude of existing icons to better communicate test variables, such as cars that were moving, versus those that were not, solid barriers versus crushable ones, and so on.



The Project
Working directly with the Vice President and Director of Marketing Communications we were able to learn firsthand about the industry and how the site needed to better communicate all the offerings they had, which their existing side did not address well at all.

The Results
Working closely as a team we devised a site structure to serve each unique user group's needs. I developed a site design that was modular to accommodate changes and additions with ease; working within the technical structure created by the development team. I also took the opportunity to make brand enhancements with creative imagery to illustrate services and added color for interest.

Mission Green

Mission Green

A web site developed almost spontaneously, working with a team in Canada, I created pencil sketches. In a few days time we had a live site to tell the story of a trans Canadian, environmental journey. This project is memorable because of the great collaboration of the team and resulting site.

Gilda's Club

Gilda's Club

My first online project was for Gilda's Club, a supportive club to help anyone living with cancer, be they patient, family or friend.

The Project
To create an online club house for members to refer to, participate in events and online chats.

The Design
After working closely with the founder and staff, I applied what I learned to the design. I chose to reflect the spaces in the physical club houses, where rooms had a specific purpose, this also worked well for the site structure. I created stylized rooms to compliment the Gilda character featured in the club's logo; giving us the opportunity to have Gilda appear in all of the rooms to help create a lighthearted appearance, while respectfully addressing difficult subject matter.

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