Improving Interactions with Government

This Website streamlined complex processes into a much friendlier and navigable ones — users could more easily find necessary forms and explanations, and they wouldn’t need to enter the same information more than once!

Existing Interactions

Original form that business owners had to complete.

For my role in the project, I began researching existing paper and online forms. I also did extensive research on forms design.


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Visual Design

Newly designed portal

I created a visual design solution that reflected the ISC brand. If users were familiar with ISC, the site would be highly recognizable.

A System for Screens

The site was going to be quite complex. There was a lot of content to be hosted and numerous processes to be supported. Working with the project team, including the information architect and SharePoint development team, I devised a system of 5 page layouts to accommodate every type of content, one was dedicated to the home page, all other supported content and tasks.

Visual Design

Detailed forms page design

I created a visual system to organize the large amounts of information users would need to interact with. I used color selectively to guide their eyes to key points and features. I also designed in a modular fashion, so components would be re-used, simplifying the experience for end users as well as for development.

Style Guide

Style guide sample to assist developers

As I designed, I consulted with the development team to optimize the design for SharePoint. To reflect what I created, a generated a style guide for the developers to reference as they were building screens.

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