Sonoco Project Experience

Here are highlights of my project working with Sonoco, we had a great team and found many ways to improve processes, make workers happier, and save money.

Discovery session with sticky notes

We started with a brief workshop to bring the project team together, learn priorities and goals, and to do some discovery work.

Existing Hardware

Existing hardware

The existing system offered a simple black and white interface that required many keyboard interactions to perform tasks.

Existing Screens

Existing screen example

To begin our process, we visited the plant where forklifts equipped with the existing screens were located, we watched users interact with them and then learned the functionality in greater detail.

Mapping Experiences

Experience Map

To ensure we understood the functions depending on the screens we intended to re-design, we mapped out the existing experience with the project team. After establishing this view, we talked further with experts and users to identify opportunities to improve processes.


Once we had the functionality, we created wireframe prototypes for users to test our proposed solution.

User Testing

User testing in warehouse

We built a clickable prototype that could be launched from the tablet that was planned for use—helping everyone, especially users, see the potential for the future.

Visual Design

Visual design

The hardware selected for this project was a Windows 10 tablet. We created visual designs to show stakeholders what the new system could look like.

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