Copa Airlines Project Concepts

My role for this project focused on visual design, with a sub-role of cat herder trying to keep us moving forward with team members coming and going.


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Airline Agent User Testing Quote

"I see the ticket number, seat, bags, frequent flyer number, special services information. This is easy for me to look at."

Seat Maps

Seat map concept

These are concepts for seat maps, optimized for different uses by agents. Left: prior to flight, right: during boarding process.

Visual Design

Snapshots of design elements

Snapshots of design elements

My primary role was visual design. These are snapshots or parts of the screens I helped to create. Full designs cannot be shown because they are proprietary and sensitive to Copa's operations. The top shows concept development for a passenger's travel reservation while the bottom image focuses on added services such as meals and baggage.

Boarding Passes

I was asked to explore ideas for boarding passes, but due to more pressing project issues, I could not continue. Later, I came back and spent a few hours on further explorations, to challenge myself to show how these designs could be improved.

Boarding pass concepts

An actual boarding pass (top left) and 3 different new layout ideas, variations on stock for printing at the airport were also considered.

Vertical layout boarding pass concept

A new approach to boarding passes—a vertical presentation. This option shows two layouts and also reflects the two formats for printing at the airport.

Mobile boarding passes

Different layouts to present boarding pass information.

Notes on data points on boarding pass

I prepared notes for the project team; in case they could use these ideas in the future. Even after rolling off the project, I provided some minimal support to my teammates with feedback and user experience coaching.

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