Communicating About the River

After meeting with my stakeholders and extensive time observing the river and people, I devised a system of buoys to help mark protected areas of Texas Wild Rice. I worked to create messages that were informative with a tone of humor to help build (and often strengthen) an emotional connection between viewers and the San Marcos River.


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Messages for Small Buoys

Messages planned for small buoys

Three locations were identified to have a line of small buoys to mark boundaries around Texas Wild Rice.

Messages for Large Buoys

messages planned for large buoys

Several locations needed an individual visual marker to point river traffic away from Texas Wild Rice.

See photos of buoys in the river

See how I applied designs to the buoys


New Signs


This is the new sign I created to go in the water and on the banks of the San Marcos River.

See where my salamander design originatedDesign for new signs for the San Marcos River