Thesis in the San Marcos River

Here are a few photos showing views of buoys in the river drifting in the strong current.


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Small buoys afloat at Bicentennial Park

Line of small buoys at Bicentennial Park with the message: RESPECT – THE CRITTERS – PLEASE – DON’T LITTER – Sally the San Marcos Salamander punctuates the message at the end.

Buoys at Hopkins Street in San Marcos River

Viewing line of small buoys and river traffic from Hopkins Street in San Marcos.

Large buoy at Sewell Park

Large buoy at Sewell Park helping direct traffic away from a large area of Texas Wild Rice.

View of buoy from below surface

A large amount of vegetation floats down the river and can accumulate on objects in the river, as it did on the anchor chain of a large buoy.

Buoy at East Spillway

The East Spillway is a secluded area up river where people like to gather. This is a problem because they often play with rocks in the shallow water—rocks that San Marcos Salamanders like to hide under. A buoy was added to advise visitors to: LEAVE ROCKS ALONE FOR CRITTERS THEY ARE HOMES. A Sally Salamander graphic wraps around the sides of the buoy.

Buoys in flood conditions

Heavy rains caused flooding that raised the river almost 5 feet—the buoys survived!