Thesis Project Details

Here are some of the finer details of what I produced for my thesis project.


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Applying Designs to Buoys

Creating buoy designs with stencils and vinyl paint.

The figure above illustrates the steps I took to add designs to buoys.
Top row: preparing vinyl, application of vinyl on buoys, masking with tape
Bottom row: adding plastic masking, painting, finished buoys

New Signs

New sign in river.

This is the new design for signs being placed in the river, featuring a clear and understandable message with my friendly spokesalamander.

Overview of Buoys in the River

Overview of buoys in San Marcos River

Here are the buoys protecting the Texas Wild Rice near Hopkins Street in San Marcos.

Gallery Exhibit

MFA Thesis Exhibit

Graduates were invited to exhibit thesis work in the university art gallery. I displayed buoys as they would be installed in the river and projected images and video captured during the project.