Research and Inspiration

Here are the sparks of my imagination; thes are the sights that helped me explore how I could use design to help protect the San Marcos River.


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Texas Wild Rice blooming in the San Marcos River

Texas Wild Rice only grows in the San Marcos River.

Existing sign in San Marcos River

The sign that told me that I should use design to make a difference for the river.

Two different types of signs existed

Close up views of existing signs that meant well but wouldn't make sense to most viewers.

Litter pulled out of the San Marcos River

My first experience with a river cleanup showed me what others had collected in the water.

Litter collected from watershed of the San Marcos River.

Some of the trash picked up by eager volunteers during the annual Great Texas River Cleanup.

My own haul of river trash.

My own trash haul to familiarize myself with typical items.

Please Don't Litter Design Exeriment

This was a design experiment I created from trash; I used it to make conversation with river goers.