Poster for Tomorrow Details

Here is the full poster design, some of the development process, and another Poster for Tomorrow poster entry. Both designs were shortlisted amongst many other entries.

Gender Equality Poster: Stronger

Poster for gener equality

Final poster design.

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Concept Development

Concept development for gender equality poster

I experimented with different media and approaches for the figures.

A Home for Everyone

Project Prompt from Poster for Tomorrow

Poster for tomorrow's 5th annual call for entries challenged designer to create posters for the campaign for the universal right to housing. ‘Home’ means something different to all of us: The place where we grew up, the place where we live at the moment, the place we come to relax or entertain our friends. But for far too many people home remains a distant dream, as they try to eke out an existence in sub-standard accommodation or sleep rough on the streets.

Poster design to increase awareness of homelessness and slums

With the help of a musician friend, I composed this design focused on people living in slums. On one level things are melodic and good, on another level— there are people on the bottom surviving on the discards of others.

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