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  Art & illustration projects
Australorp Chicken Painting

Black Australorp Chicken

During a workshop with master bird painter, John O'Neill, many new techniques were introduced to me. I applied these to ideas to much of my work.

Acrylic and watercolor on watercolor paper

Hummingbird Study

Hummingbird Study

Although fascinated by birds, I never really gave hummingbirds much thought until I read a book that described the migration that some species make, across the Gulf of Mexico, or over 500 miles, in a single flight! This marks the beginning of many images yet to come.


Scarlet Tananger Painting

Scarlet Tanager

A example of work done in John O'Neill's bird illustration workshop.

Acrylic on watercolor paper

Perky the Rooster

A chicken exploration that has captured the hearts of many. By far the most popular chicken I have painted. Plans are to paint Penelope, mother of Pearl!

Acrylic on brass clock pendulum



Campaign Trio

Perky's Political Rivals

Perky the rooster was featured on a t-shirt, with a political campaign theme.

Don't Cluck with Me

Don't Cluck with ME!

The look grabs people and gets them wondering what is this chicken thinking. It has been a great conversation piece.



Intro to Van Gogh's Chickens One

Intro to Van Gogh's Chickens 3

Intro to Van Gogh's Chickens 3

Introduction to Van Gogh's
Chickens I, II, & III

Drawing of different types of chickens, inspired by sketching techniques of Vincent Van Gogh. The initial work created enough interest where I chose to explore it in different mediums.


Top: marker on paper


Middle: watercolor


Bottom: woodcut printed in black and colored with watercolor dyes


Liberty Chicken

Liberty Chicken

Another chicken exploration, this one with a patriotic theme.

Watercolor on paper

Goofy Rooster

Goofy Rooster

This simple painting has been well received by viewers, so much so that it landed me a project to help develop the interface for an iPhone application. This very bird was translated to digital art and now exists in a new medium!
See samples of the app

Acrylic on canvas

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